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Three Things to Do With Old Crayons

Three Things to Do With Old Crayons


What can you do with those old crayons you got rid of? Whether in your place of business or at home, here are three creative ideas to help you!

1. Peel the paper off all of the old crayons and broken pieces. Line a muffin tin with aluminum foil liners, and then fill them with old crayon pieces - try to group various shades of the same colors together. Place them in a warm oven (about 200 degrees works well) and let them melt - but watch carefully so they don't burn.

Variation #1: instead of using a muffin tin, use metal cookie cutters in whatever shapes you like, on a flat cookie sheet that's been lined with tin foil.
Variation #2: Put old crayon chunks into small paper cups, and place them in the microwave for about 4 - 6 minutes on 'high.' Pour the melted wax into candy molds, and then place them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Once the wax has hardened, your new crayons will pop out of the molds.
The end result of any of these methods will be 'chunky' recycled crayons that will be useful - and fun! - for awhile longer.

2. Have your child find a rock that's interesting or appropriate for a 'paperweight' (perhaps a gift for Mom or Dad's office?). Put all the old crayons and pieces (after peeling them) into a double 'zip-close' plastic bag, and, using a rubber mallet or meat tenderizer, 'smash' them up into small bits. Place the rock in the center of a foil-lined cookie sheet, and then 'sprinkle' it with the smashed crayon pieces. Put it in the oven on 'low', or outside in the hot sun. Keeping an eye on it, allow the crayon bits to melt until just before they'll 'run,' and then take them out of the oven (or the sun!) to cool quickly. If you want, you can glue a piece of felt to the bottom of the rock to make a true paperweight.

3. Add crayon bits and pieces to melted paraffin to make colorful candles.

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